“No-Floor Yoga” FREE Sample Sessions

Did you know that Yoga (at about 5,000 years) is the world’s oldest health maintenance system? And it’s the best protocol for anti-aging–and maintaining independence.

Yoga is not for weight loss or body beautiful; it’s for total well-being. Unlike most exercise programs, Yoga works on the whole person:  body, mind and spirit. And all this without equipment or the necessity of leaving the comfort of your home on a daily basis!

Want to try Yoga?  D’Anne is offering two sample “No-Floor Yoga” sessions FREE at the Chehalem Senior Center:

  • Tuesday, February 23rd at 10 am
  • Thursday, February 25th at 3 pm

Drop-ins are welcome, but an RSVP at 503-537-9404 is preferred.

Regular classes are scheduled to begin in March for the incredible low cost of $20 for 5-weeks. Call 503-537-9404 to check on the dates and times that have been selected–based on response to the Free sessions.

Why Yoga?  Its benefits include improving

  • walking, getting up and down
  • digestion and elimination
  • blood circulation
  • sleep
  • balance
  • physical energy
  • mental clarity and peace.

We get these benefits, not by constantly moving, but by slowly getting into a stretch, holding the position briefly while focusing on breathing (or counting) and then slowly releasing the stretch. This method of “exercise” not only promotes strength and flexibility, but each posture becomes a sort of mini-meditation which results in a delightful feeling of relaxation and well-being.

D’Anne credits her good health to Yoga. She started practicing in her twenties and in 1982, she began years of Yoga Teachers’ Training with Yogi Krishan Sidhu outside of Toronto, Canada. She has since taught Yoga for Health Maintenance (as well as Yoga Philosophy and Meditation) in various venues and to all age groups for over 20 years.

Please feel free to call D’Anne at 971-506-0498 with questions or requests.

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