Learn EFT Tapping

Step 1. Note how strongly you feel about the problem/memory you want to work on. Scale  -10 to 0.  Don’t fret about the number. Just guess.


Step 2.
 With two fingers tap continuously on the side of your hand (Karate Chop Point) while repeating several times: “Even though I have this _____ feeling about _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”  Or put both hands on your heart, take three deep breaths and focus on your problem (emotion, physical feeling, limiting belief).


Step 3. Tap or rub the acupuncture points (see below) while repeating a reminder phrase–so you stay focused on the problem.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 several times–noticing what pops into your mind–and how the feeling or problem changes. Tap on the changes or “aspects.”

 Step 5. Repeat all steps–until the feeling around the problem or memory disappears.

Step 6. Repeat the entire protocol, but this time focus on how you want to feel–and bring in energy for peace, hope, joy–or whatever.

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“It is VERY important to realize that self-treatment for serious issues is dangerous and NOT recommended. It is dangerous because it will allow you to falsely conclude that EFT does not work when nothing could be further from the truth. For serious or complex issues, you need someone to guide you through the process as there is an incredible art to this process and it typically takes years of training to develop the skill to tap on deep-seated, significant issues.”

Dr. Mercola