Do You Have The Four Pillars of Happiness?

I recently read Lissa Rankin, MD’s Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself and it was a smack on the side of the head. Dr. Rankin, a proponent of EFT, focuses on the relationship between happiness and health*. The wake-up call for me was that neither my happiness nor my health were exactly at their peak. I felt I was living proof of the correlation between these two.

What to do? We all know about the importance of our inner game: having an “attitude of gratitude,” focusing on what’s right instead of what’s wrong, meditating and trusting our Higher Power. But why not also consider our outer game? My mind went back years ago to Dr. Wim Jansen’s “The Four Pillars of Happiness.” Here they are:

  • Life-fulfilling, joyful work.
  • A creative engaging hobby totally different from our work.
  • A supportive community or circle of friends.
  • A special someone who loves us without condition.

Dr. Jansen suggested that if we have four strong pillars, our happiness rating is likely high. If we lose one pillar, our structure is a bit shaky, but we’ll probably be okay. But if we have only two pillars standing, our happiness (and health) might be at risk.

I’m working on my pillars. If your pillars could use some help, I invite you to let EFT

1) reveal what you might need to change, and
2) free you from any limiting beliefs standing in your way.

May I propose a New Year’s toast? Here’s to making 2014 one of our best years yet!

* In scientific terms, Dr. Rankin speaks of the Relaxation Response versus the Stress Response. Her book answers a lot of questions and is well worth the read.

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