“Healing Heartache” Support Group

If you–or someone you care about–is struggling with the heartache of loss (family, friend, pet, job or health), then you’ll love this proven system to recover heart’s ease:  hope, peace, gratitude and eventually a return to joy.

This “Healing Heartache” support group is like no other. You will share your journey with the group, of course, but you will also learn and practice a self-applied technique (EFT tapping) to move you faster and easier through the difficult emotions of loss:

  • shock at the news
  • anger at yourself or another
  • guilt or regret
  • deep sadness
  • loneliness
  • fear of the future.

The last stage of grief recovery (when all the bereavement injuries are healed) is not simply acceptance. Instead, it is feeling hope, gratitude, peace and, especially love–unconditionally and across space and time. The last stage of recovery is feeling free to return to living this present day with joy.

P.S. Did you know that every loss brings up every other loss in the subconscious?  For this reason, you might also wish an individual appointment with D’Anne to clear (or emotionally neutralize–we never ever forget!) these other losses. Call her at 971-506-0498 for a FREE initial conversation.

If you have a group contact D’Anne or check back for future classes.

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