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New Book !!! What Shall Come Hereafter

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 “Your book is exquisite!  I learned much and was comforted in my own losses.  So accessible, so warm.”

                                            – – Linda Wall.

“Magnificent! Absolutely resonated and wish a 1000 times I would have had this book when Sophie and my mom died. I love how your interwove both he and she.  Brilliant, tender and hopeful book.  Amazing your breadth of research and your ability to synthesize. These are wonderful gifts to share.”

                                             – – Crystal Ashton

“The book is spectacular!  It humbles me to imagine how much you know about the subject.  Thank you for writing it.”

                                            – – Luly Macpharlaine.

Return to Joy: An Illustrated Manual for Grown-ups

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Find helpful hints for managing:

     Weight Loss
     Grief and Loss


This book is in the form of a simple and light-hearted fable, but it is based on an actual case history. The issues are real, and the therapeutic interventions and techniques used throughout the story, when applied to your own situation, could help you change your life.

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D’Anne spent nearly fifteen years mastering the use of EFT for herself and others. Her work with hundreds of people culminated in Return to Joy: An Illustrated Manual for Grown-ups. A teacher at heart (with a PhD in Literature), D’Anne is excited by EFT, a self-directed and self-controlled method that can be easily learned for maximum personal empowerment.