“Before EFT I felt like I was walking through concrete and not really living, due to loss and grief. Now, I feel so much lighter, clearer, and free to experience joy even though my circumstances haven’t changed.  I’m continuing to use the tapping to get through things–and work on other things as they come up.  It’s an amazing tool and I’m so grateful I was able to learn it! ”

–Renee Winkler, McMinnville, OR


“Before EFT, I did not have good tools to use during moments of anxiety or overwhelm–in spite of my years in talk therapy. EFT is so different because you are actively participating in your own healing–and learning a powerful, physical tool that can be used anytime, anywhere.  In just one session with D’Anne I accomplished more than I had in several years of talk therapy. Now, not only do I have fewer moments of anxiety, but also, when I do, I have a tool that brings comfort and banishes my distress in just a few simple moves.  Thank you, D’Anne!”

–Vanessa Gilbert, Newberg, OR


“Now, I am not jumpy anymore and I can talk about my Afghanistan trauma with no problem whatsoever. I’m not afraid that something terrible is going to happen to me in the next two seconds. I feel great! When I did EMDR, it took me three months to clear my childhood—which was never really cleared. For the other issues, I did acupuncture for about five months till I finally gave up and went for counseling—which I’d done on and off since I was seven years old. With D’Anne I had only SIX appointments and my whole life has been transformed. Thank you D’Anne and thank you for EFT!”

–Shaina Johnson, Sheridan, OR

“Yes!  It works—and it works because a skilled practitioner, D’Anne, is leading me and listening to me and validating me.  She is teaching me to tap away this pain, this life of trauma that has defined me.  I’m going for a new identity! This is Rocket Science!  It is unbelievable how fast you can overcome—and put things in their place. No, it does not come without pain, but it’s worth every tear. You begin to recognize the truth and put the lies away where they belong. By tapping you clear the field—and the possibilities are endless.  When you get right down to it, EFT is logical.  It gets to the very root of what holds you back. Tapping is not magic, but it feels magical when what has plagued you all your life begins to fall away.”

–Danette O’Quin, McMinnville, OR

“Doing this energy work is so powerful!  EFT has shown me how to transform my life.  I am so grateful that now I choose healthy foods, I walk(!)–and can envision myself as thin.  Miraculous things show up when I send love to my being and release the negative body images of the past.  I want you to know that my food cravings have calmed down tremendously.  Thank you, D’Anne, for your guidance which continues to help me make positive choices a part of my daily life.”

– Claudia Cockerill,  Yorktown Heights,NY

“After ony one session working with you doing EFT, I have overcome 27 years of being haunted by the fears and flashbacks of being nearly strangled to death. You and EFT are setting me free from a lifetime of trauma. Words can never express my gratitude for all we’ve conquered so far–I’m almost there. Here’s to my best year yet as I accept myself totally and ‘return to joy’!”

-Starr Rohr, McMinnville, OR

“When I have a traumatized client whose emotion is so intense that she can’t even talk about the event, D’Anne supports me with her EFT expertise.  Those who connect with her come back to me with much reduced intensity and are then able to continue the therapeutic process.  D’Anne’s personal warmth immediately puts clients at ease, making her work even more efficient.”

-Joelle McCormick, LCSW, Sherwood, OR

“D’Anne came to my session with my counselor for a very traumatic incident that I was trying to deal with.  That day, as in days past, I was in a very dark, dark hole not thinking there was a way out.  After spending one session with D’Anne, I woke up the next day feeling a 180 degree turn back to myself.  It was nothing short of miraculous.  I have my life back!  Thank you so much, D’Anne.”

-Lori Kay, Newberg, Oregon

“After enduring heavy doses of chemo and radiation for an aggressive case of breast cancer, I tried all kinds of helps to start living my life again. I was confused and it was hard to deal with ordinary problems. I worked in 45-minute weekly sessions over the phone with D’Anne. She gently guided me into naming each problem and then doing EFT on it. EFT works so well, so fast–I consider it a new life skill.”

-Therese Cechony, Philadelphia, PA

“The EFT we did together brought great peace to me immediately. I feel as though past traumas are losing their ability to steal my power and my peace.”

– Karla McMellon, Newberg, OR