What are the advantages of using EFT?

  • DVDSoldier-croppedIt offers profound change rapidly.
  • It is a multi-level healing of mind, body and emotions.
  • It is a safe and gentle technique regardless of the severity of the trauma.
  • It is easy to learn and apply.

When we use EFT for trauma, the process quickly, effectively and gently disconnects the emotions held in the body from the remembered event.  Of course, you don’t really forget the event (nothing is ever really forgotten), but because the trauma memory is no longer attached to strong emotions, the event feels like it’s fading away—into the past where it truly belongs.

EFT has proven to be more effective at achieving complete emotional recovery than techniques like talk therapy, massage, EMDR or acupuncture and reduces the therapeutic process from months or years down to hours. Read the story of a veteran who was helped by EFT.

If you’d like to witness EFT being used with veterans with PTSD, you might consider watching “Operation:  Emotional Freedom—The Answer”, the DVD which was presented to the Committees on Veterans Affairs in both Houses of Congress.  This compelling DVD is the story of nine combat veterans and family members who, after just five days of EFT sessions, tested PTSD negative, PTSD free.

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