How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed–or failed to keep it off?

EFT provides several remarkable benefits for weight loss that sets it apart from other methods:

Benefit #1 – EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Immediate Cravings.

Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes normally stops immediate cravings so you won’t eat when you’re not hungry.

Benefit #2 – EFT Can Reduce or Eliminate Emotional Overeating.   (This is the missing piece of most weight loss programs,)

Emotional eating means using food to “tranquilize” years of past emotional hurts, the subconscious hurts that drive you to the refrigerator or the cookie jar.

Common fears and blocking beliefs might also interfere with weight loss.

  • It’s impossible for me to lose weight and keep it off.
  • I’ll feel deprived if I can’t eat whenever and whatever I want.
  • It’s not safe for me to look terrific.
  • My metabolism is too slow.
  • I don’t deserve to look great and be healthy.
Benefit #3 – EFT Can Help Install  Positive Beliefs and Feelings.These are crucial to your (permanently) becoming your slimmer, fitter, more radiant self.
PS.  EFT has been evaluated in several scientific studies of food cravings and weight loss, and has been found to help people with emotional overeating and cravings. In one study (published in the peer-reviewed journal  Integrative Medicine), EFT reduced cravings by 83%.