More than 19 million Americans suffer from worry and stress.  You are not alone.

The problem with most conventional treatments is that they are designed to help a person cope with their distress, not remove the cause. While it is true that medication may keep a person from experiencing a full-blown stress attack, the cause hasn’t been eliminated.

Just as the symptoms of your stress are physical,

  • racing heart
  • breathing constriction
  • tingling hands
  • malaise
  • insomnia

it makes sense that the solution must also be physical.  EFT is a body-mind-energy therapy that works by clearing the cause:  the energy disruptions in the acupuncture meridians of the body.

These disruptions are “unblocked” by tapping on specific acupuncture points while you either recall past traumas and unresolved emotional issues or while you simply focus on your current physical symptoms.

Anybody can learn to use EFT to halt the onset of an attack or gain long-term relief from worry and stress.  Thousands of clinical reports show that people experience relief more than 80% of the time when using EFT consistently.

Why not be one of those thousands who have reclaimed their peace and begun to fully live their dream?