Call today for your complimentary session “Breakthrough to Joy!”

Toll Free Phone: 971-506-0498

This free session investigates your unique issue–whether it be overwhelming stress, a weight issue, grief and loss, chronic pain or trauma memories–especially from childhood.

  • We start with how you want to feel and be, that is, your desired outcome, your joy.
  • We’ll look at what you’ve already tried–where you are now.
  • Then you’ll have a chance to try EFT so you can see how to use it to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Finally, if you find EFT to be a good fit, we can establish a transformation plan to continue the work we’ve begun.

Transformation is a process and takes time.  Real transformation is not a one-appointment fix.  However, recovery using EFT and/or a combination of additional therapies, is still much, much faster than traditional approaches.

Sessions may be conducted in person or over the phone. Yes, EFT is very effective over the phone. And D’Anne has a toll-free phone line for the sessions.

EFT is not “talk therapy”;  it is energy work. We sometimes call it “Acupuncture without Needles.”

After the short complimentary session, if we are a match, I normally charge a fee of $95 for a session. If your circumstances warrant, I offer a sliding scale that honors both your financial situation and this transformational work. Note that, unlike conventional therapies that often required months or years of office visits and co-pays, most people only need a few EFT sessions to feel dramatic change.

Note:  In addition to EFT therapy, I offer support with:

  • Yoga breathing.
  • Meditation instruction.
  • Chakra support.
  • In-the-moment telephone support. 
  • Workshops and Presentations at various locations.