Loss is devastating.  It can come through divorce, suicide, illness, accident or even a seemingly casual rejection.  It can be loss of a beloved, a family member, a job, property, friend, pet.  Loss of a dream.

Loss is loss and the body registers it with

  • a sick feeling in the stomach
  • tightness in the throat
  • headaches
  • heartache
  • exhaustion.

You may weep at nothing—or everything—stop eating, sleep fitfully.  You may feel numbness, confusion, deep hurt, rejection, unworthiness.  Or feel certain that never again will life be the same—or worth the struggle.  Sometimes these are signs of “excess” grief.

Excess grief is not to be confused with profound but normal sadness.  The “excess” is the grief that is complicated by

  • shock at the news
  • anger at oneself or another
  • deep regret over something said or not said, done or not done
  • guilt
  • a sense of unfairness
  • or fear of the future.

EFT can not only take the edge off normal, appropriate grief, but it can also dramatically reduce any unnecessary grief so that physical symptoms are relieved and you can go through the stages of healing more easily. Plus you can use EFT to install positive beliefs and feelings–like peace, hope, gratitude and, eventually, joy. 

Unlike conventional talk therapy, EFT is very empowering—literally at your fingertips—to use whenever you need it as you journey toward emotional freedom and peace and new life.