Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), developed by Stanford engineer Gary Craig, is a remarkable relaxation modality based on acupuncture (without needles) that has proven very effective for all sorts of personal and professional dream-come-true transformations.

When we use EFT, we engage the energy system (through tapping acupuncture points) and we step into a world that is a paradigm shift away from what used to be known, what used to be possible.

“EFT is not psychology, not physiology, not even complimentary or alternative medicine.  It is our first and primary real modern tool for working directly with the energy system to transform lives.   EFT tapping is not only a tool that changes body, mind and emotions, but it also brings about changes of heart–which are much more precious.”   -Silvia Hartman, PhD

So how does it work?  Understand that at its most basic, EFT—tapping on specific acupressure points while focused on an issue—is a relaxation technique.   When we are upset, the limbic system of the brain, especially the Amygdala, is “aroused/agitated”.  If we then focus on the specific stressor and at the same time perform EFT for a few moments, the Amygdala calms down and, amazingly, we no longer feel the distress.  The limbic system cannot be both upset and relaxed at the same time.

EFT can not only set you free from all sorts of limiting beliefs, fears, painful wounds and negative life experiences, you can also use the same method to install positive emotions and beliefs. EFT offers you the emotional freedom to be fully and joyfully alive.  Free to live your dream.