If you struggle with low self-esteem, feeling “not good enough,” you are certainly not alone. And EFT can be your miracle.

Feeling not-good-enough doesn’t come out of nowhere.

  • How do you know you’re not good enough?
  • When did those feelings start? In your childhood?
  • Who told you that you were stupidNot pretty?
  • Who criticized you in class? What did you fail at?
  • Who abandoned you?
  • Who told you that you would never amount to anything?

You may try to bury these words and experiences, but they still run in your mind and body on the subconscious level.  They affect your daily life because how you feel about yourself determines how you behave—and how others perceive you.  And around you go, never being able to totally fulfill your potential or live your dream.

EFT can neutralize all those words and experiences held in the subconscious.  We tap through one phrase or one event at a time until you feel deep peace as memories are laid to rest and have no more power over you.

You will be amazed at how quickly you experience positive self-esteem—and fresh energy and excitement around living your dream.