Happy Holidays, or not….

Is this holiday difficult for you?  December is traditionally a time of happy connection with family and friends—but for some of us it’s a mixed bag.

  • Get-togethers with those folks with whom we share not-nice memories.
  • Poignant moments when we again grieve now absent loved ones.
  • Other’s expectations we can no longer meet:  not enough time, not enough money.
  • And oh, those deadlines. Stress, stress, and more stress!

I could give holiday advice, but haven’t you heard it all?  And I could present a case study about someone whose holiday was transformed with EFT tapping.  Instead I’d like to offer something different. I’d like you to know that I’m available all month if you wish some support.EFT works so quickly that we can often resolve in-the-moment distress over the phone in just 30 minutes.  Or, if you prefer, we could meet face-to-face in Newberg.  I’m offering a special holiday rate of $25 for 30-minute sessions scheduled between now and January 1st. Call (971) 506-0498 to schedule your session.

Know that you are not alone.

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