Genetic Memory and the Over-rated Power of Genes

I live in temperate Oregon but, as in much of the country, we’re having a snow storm. Luli, my Samoyed, owns me but today I decided that since the big white fluffy dogs from Siberia are work dogs, I would ask her to work. So I affixed her halter for our usual long daily walk, but instead of having her beside me, I trudged several feet behind her in the 7″ of snow–and she automatically pulled me!  As if she remembered what to do in the snow.  Mush. Strong, steady, easy. No veering off the path to sniff, no surging ahead.  As if she remembered what Samoyeds have done for eons.

What is in our own genetic memory?  And do we give too much power to our genes?  Do we worry that because diabetes or heart disease or cancer is in our family we will eventually succumb?

Several years ago I read Dawson Church’s The Genie in Your Genes:  Energetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention, a monumental book recounting medical studies asserting that our genes do not determine our destiny.  Instead, our thoughts and feelings and beliefs determine which genes get expressed and which do not.

If so, how important is it then to guard what our minds dwell on, what beliefs we hold in our subconscious and what feelings we daily experience?  Fortunately, with EFT (tapping) we can change those old beliefs, what we consistently think about and how we consistently feel.  As if our lives depend on it–because apparently they do.

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Genetic Memory and the Over-rated Power of Genes — 2 Comments

  1. What you’ve written about is important information for us all. Thank you for always gifting me with insightful information and connecting me with additional authors and resources.

  2. I recently went to a new dietician whom I loved. Most of her recommend-ations were terrific but she wants me to consider EMDR. I’ve been traumatized in the past trying to heal trauma with that mode. I will be calling you soon for your more gentle and still effective mode of healing.

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